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Driving While High Led Me To OPUS

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OPUS: The Day We Found Earth is Sour Diesel in my system. Sour Diesel in my system is just like playing OPUS. It was destiny that I ran into OPUS the morning after I drove through the streets of San Antonio completely consumed by Sour Diesel. I didn’t even know I was smoking Sour Diesel until it was absolutely too late. I was gone but I knew that I still had to drive through the hideous San Antonio highways; I knew I was screwed. Yes, I was a nervous sack of nerves while I drove, still, the Texas roads looked beautiful as I drove through them at 50 MPH in a 65 zone -- Siri guided me home. The complexities of the highway system became man-made concrete constellations and I was their spectator.

This is essentially what OPUS is about-- travelling through parts unknown looking for the piece of the universe that you call home. Emeth, a childlike robot, takes on the mission of his creator which was to locate earth. It’s not a simple task. OPUS is Homer’s Odyssey for the new breed of human that isn’t connected to the stars due to the prominent light pollution that blinds us. That’s why we tend to laugh at religion. We aren’t being motivated by the night sky, instead we are inspired by screens. This is why it was so important for me to stumble across OPUS the morning after my marijuana fueled travels.

“Lisa, does earth really exist?”, “Yes, we’ll find it together.”

OPUS is a handcrafted experience created to force you out of your mental comforts. I truly feel that if by explaining the premise of the game I will ruin a beautiful experience. Wanting you, stoned gamer, to have the same out-of- body experience I did, I will cease further explanation. The first thing I saw was the trailer and, essentially, so should you. With that being said, watch the trailer below and call me an intergalactic messenger of dopeness.

Emeth needs your help finding our home. We all need help finding home.

Murray Coons

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