About The Stoned Gamer

The Stoned Gamer was created on October 1st 2014 as a place for Zeus Tipado to vent about how Wizards of the Coast is screwing up Magic: Duels of the Planeswalker with each annual installment. If this site suffers some unforeseen death, my only request is to put that previous statement on its tombstone. One day future archeologists will uncover the tombstone and falsely believe that real wizards roamed the coasts of America and that one particular wizard named Zeus had the authority to critique every other wizard in the country. No one in the future will even know TheStonedGamer.com was a site about videogames and weed. They'll just tell their kids that a long time ago wizards had beef with each other, and entire websites were created to fuel this beef.

Welcome to The Stoned Gamer -- and I would also like to welcome the people of the future that are reading this. I made this website with a topaz enchanting staff. Level 28. It's buried somewhere in what was known as Xenia, Ohio.