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Still early in the 2018 SGL Season -- the Q2 Street Fighter III: Third Strike is next up in the line-up.

The second SGL Rocket League Qualifying Tournament of the 2018 SGL Season was held on August 17th 2018 and the action was blazing hot on an equally hot summer night.

Sunday, 12 August 2018 20:57

2018 SGL EA UFC 3 Tournament Results

The SGL's EA UFC 3 Tournament featured a maximum of sixteen players competing in a best-of-five Knockout Mode match.

Everyone loves to play Fortnite, and we can't imagine how many of those people play Fortnite stoned! Therefore the SGL has created Bongnite, and check out the results of this Stoned Fortnite event!

In the first SGL Qualifying Tournament for Street Fighter III: Third Strike of the season, monumental stoned gaming action went down inside the Stoned Gamer League!

Behold, the first official SGL Tournament of the 2018 Season on August 3rd.

Monday, 30 July 2018 17:16

SGL Monday Night Beatdowns

Starting on August 13th and going throughout the 2018 SGL Season, every other Monday night on the SGL will be 'Monday Night Beatdown,' offering up a new fighting game every event!

Want to add some SGL flavor to your Twitch overlay or social media profile? Need to manifest your SGL idea into something more feasible? Then put that blunt down and check out the Official SGL Style Guide.

INTERNATIONAL Stoned Gamers: The SGL has developed a system to allow all StonedGamer Players to compete in the 2018 SGL Season through the PROOF OF ELEVATION (PoE) system.

Wednesday, 04 July 2018 16:14

2018 SGL Official Tournament Schedule

Don't miss any of the SGL action this year! Catch all Stoned Gamer League tournaments with the 2018 SGL Official Tournament Schedule.

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