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2018 SGL Bong Hit Bonus - Point System

The Official 2018 SGL Bong Hit Bonus System. To redeem a Bong Hit Bonus in SGL gameplay, players must compete inside the Stoned Gamer Arena.

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I always considered the GameCube to be a well constructed and subversive middle finger to the rest of the gaming industry when it was released November 18th 2001, exactly 13 years ago. My god, you're getting so old.

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In this world there are stoners, gamers, and stoned gamers. If someone you meet doesn’t fit inside those categories then you probably shouldn’t be friends with them. Besides, they will never be able to create or appreciate ridiculous pieces like the ones on our list of ‘The Top Ten Super Mario Smoking Devices That Nintendo Definitely Doesn’t Know About.'

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My ex-girlfriend took all her stuff from my place, including the Nintendo 3DS and Pokemon X&Y that I bought her as a present. Therefore my mind has been stuck in this weird state in which every Pokemon I see embodies something horrible about her. That's why I was hesitant about writing this list. I knew it would ultimately lead to me stalking her Facebook page. Good thing she blocked me -- or else she would have received an awkward 'Hey! So I was just thinking about you...' message later tonight. Don't worry, I'm over her -- that's why this list of 'The Top Ten Pokemon Bongs In Pokemon Bong History' is meant for you guys, not her. It was never about her.

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