Unless you're a really dedicated stalker, you will probably never meet myself or anyone at We exist behind the photos emitted from your laptop and iPhone. Our physical existence on this planet matters little. What matters most is that we consistently deliver dope content that you enjoy. That's our purpose on this planet, and now the cat is out of the metaphorical hat. The truth is, the hat never was here -- nor was the cat. You created it, we're all living in your universe.

While I've never met you, I do have a passport directly into your mind, so here are the questions that's on your mind right now.

Why make a site like this?

Because gaming and marijuana is a sub-culture that needs to be honored. Let's bring it to the forefront and reduce the triviality of it all. It's also not bad to smoke and play video games for a living, either.


What does mean?

It's all in the title -- consider this site The New Yorker or stoned gamers.


Are you afraid you will influence children to smoke marijuana?

There are far greater influences on this planet than a site about getting stoned and playing games. We're more concerned with which God you're telling your kids to believe than a few guys raiding the 7-11 at 2:00 am to use the hot water in the coffee pot to make Ramen. The Stoned Gamer doesn't influence, it inspires.


Can you help me find weed?

I was actually going to ask you the same question...


You guys are geeks and never went to your Senior Prom

That's not even a question, it's just an insult. The fact is, I (Zeus Tipado) did not attend my senior prom because I wanted to watch a Star Trek: The Next Generation marathon with my dad. There, have at it.


Who's your competition?

We don't think we have competition since we're the first brand to tailor to this combined demographic.


Who is your target audience?

Anyone that has smoked herb, zonked out, and played video games until they realize it's already 4:00 am and class starts at 8.


You guys hosted the world's first stoned gaming tournament, where was it?

Yes! It was amazing, and it was at the XO Gold Cup inside the NOS Events Center in San Bernardino, California on October 3-4. Read the entire wrap-up here.